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The Brahman in Namibia

Over the past half century the Brahman has dramatically influenced and changed the composition of the Namibian national cattle herd. This is due to its ability to cross so well with virtually any other breed of cattle as well as its hardiness and adaptability, that allow them to thrive in the harsh Namibian conditions. .

The Namibian Brahman Breeders Society is dedicated to serving the interest of the Brahman breed in Namibia. The council, selected out of and by the members of the society, is continuously striving to improve our service to both the breed and breeders through marketing, research, training, use of modern technology, etc. The NBBS is currently the largest breeders society in Namibia and the member count is growing year after year.

17th World Brahman Congress 2014 Southern Africa

12-0007SBB Blaize Sir Rex 7-12
Breedplan Bull of the Year
Cobus van der Merwe
St. Blaize Brahman Stud

2014-10-23 BRAHMAN NATIONAL SALE AGRA / Bank Windhoek Ring Windhoek Show grounds

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